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Special Hockey Players prepare to take the ice in their authentic Washington Capitals practice jerseys.
Front Row: Robby Callihan, Sam Debold, Daniel Sartucci, Ted Casper, Martin Olsson, Kevin Coleman
Second Row: David Vandenberghe, Will Gilbertsen, Aaron Banks-Jones, Thomas Morere, Coach Randy Brawley, George Vandenberghe

Goals scored by: Aaron Banks-Jones, Robby Callihan, Thomas Morere, Will Gilbertson
Saves made by: Ted Casper, Martin Olsson

A great night was had by all during the first intermission of the Boston Bruins vs. Washington Capitals game on Monday, March 3, 2008, as the American Special Hockey Association players pictured above competed in a one-on-one exhibition shootout sponsored by the Washington Times. Players from all three Washington area teams, the Northern Virginia Cool Cats, the Washington Ice Dogs, and the Montgomery Cheetahs participated in the event. Aaron Banks-Jones started the event hot, as he placed his shot into the net behind Ted Casper, by keeping his shot centered and on ice. Robby Callihan equaled the feat at the other end, as the puck deflected into the net off of Martin Olsson’s stick, to even the score. Then the goaltenders sprang into action. Ted Casper defended perfectly on his next four shots, as he faced and shut out Daniel Sartucci, David Vandenberghe, George Vandenberghe, and Kevin Coleman. At the other end, Thomas Morere lifted the puck into the right side of the net against Martin Olsson, to increase the white team’s lead, before Olsson stopped Sam Debold’s shot, then allowed another goal vs. Will Gilbertson.

A total of four goals and five saves were posted during the crowd pleasing competition, which was officiated by Southeastern Hockey Officials Association referees Adaire and Drew Nehring. The Capitals would also entertain this night, as they scored 10 goals to Boston’s 2, to easily take the game.

Washington Ice Dogs Shooters: Aaron Banks-Jones, David Vandenberghe, George Vandenberge. Goalie: Martin Olsson

Northern Virginia Cool Cats Shooters: Robby Callihan, Sam Debold, Will Gilbertsen. Goalie: Ted Casper

Montgomery Cheetahs Shooters: Daniel Sartucci, Thomas Morere, Kevin Coleman.

Aaron Banks-Jones starts the competition…                                                       …and SCORES on Ted Casper!!!

Robbie Callihan returns the favor against Martin Olsson, and Daniel Sartucci shoots wide of Ted Casper

Thomas Morere scores on his shot, and celebrates

David Vandenberghe shoots…             Ted Casper makes the stick save…                 and he celebrates

            Olsson makes a save against Sam Debold             Casper makes a stick save on George Vandenberghe

Will Gilbertson takes his shot, which barely clears the goal post for a GOAL!

Kevin Coleman shoots on Ted Casper, who makes a SAVE! 

Total Goals Scored: 4. Total Saves Made: 5.

American Special Hockey would like to express it appriciation to Tom Knoerzer, the Washington Capitals and Tom Harbour Photography for making this wonderful opportunity happen for our athletes.

"All Photos by Todd Harbour,"
The full collection of photos from the night is found at

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Wed, Mar 5, 2008