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          The Long Island Blues Special Hockey Team co-hosted along with The New York Islanders on Saturday January 14, 2012 a memorable event. Then on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at Marjorie Post outdoor rink co-hosted by the Massapequa Chiefs and the Town of Oyster Bay. We welcomed our visiting teams who attended the New York Raptors, East Coast Jumbos, Nova Coolcats, Fearless Flyers and Bucks County Admirals.

          We started our fun filled schedule on Saturday early afternoon with a schedule of back to back games for all teams to play on the Nassau Coliseum ice. The New York Islanders assembled spacious locker rooms for each team along with an obstacle course, slap shot booth and a jumpy. They gave goody bags and donated great raffles prices. Then we held a clinic for all to attend.

         We had decorated tables with a room filled with approximately 500 people. We sold 500 tickets in total to the NYI game that evening. We had outrageous food donated by several local vendors including bagels and juice thought the day followed by trays of delicious hero’s, hot foods, salads and beverages. Our local vendors were so generous. We had a band that showcased for us and the days event videoed for all to view.

          We had many raffles donated by our families, volunteers, Cozzi Pro Shop and The New York Islanders. We had a 50/50 and we were the charity of the game. The day was a success for all.

         Our Sunday event started early in the morning. A frigid cold morning at Marjorie Post Ice (outdoor) Rink. With donuts, water and coffee to start our teams off, our teams showed how die hard they are with braving the ice cold weather and having fun. We had music and a P.A. system that kept the momentum up. The Massapequa Chiefs were side by side along with our volunteers to ensure nothing less than a great time for all players. The Chief’s gave a generous donation to the Long Island Blues and The Town of Oyster Bay donated metals for each player along with a trophy for each team to return home with.  

          We had a fun filled weekend and we’re thrilled to have all our visiting teams to share these events with us. We now look forwarded to our next adventure visiting the East Coast Jumbos for their tournament in April.  

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Fri, Feb 17, 2012